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Wrapping the WRAP

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NEW YEAR new progress.

A few different lines of progress over the Holidays. Rebuilding my Auto Lamp 151

Next project was curbing. 3 layers plywood to get close to 3/4".  The 5mm-1/4" I had didn't like to bend to well but the leftover wrap plywood did great.  9mm-5mm-9mm Don't ya just hate this metric plywood.

Got the tail light blocks in and cut out while doing the curbing.
Interior of our modified surplus door got a wood veneer to make it fit in with the rest of the interior. That pebble white plastic just wasn't gonna work for us.

And as a final bit of work for the New Year I got a few of our cork ceiling tiles installed so I could install the last light over the bench. It's gonna be different but will add such a rich look when all is done.

Thanksgiving smorgasbord of work.

Got half of our tin ceiling tiles done. Can hardly wait to get the empty spots filled with our cork tiles

Surplus door I bought was perfect...except it was 4" too tall. I had to take it all apart to cut down to the correct height.

Countertop..Tabletop..and a bit more electrical.

Got the laminate glued on and trimmed

Edge trim installed and sink cut out.

Not an original Scotty light, but it sure seems to fit right in.

A few more lights done.
A little bit RETRO with modern LED