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Some interior touches getting started

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Wrap is finshed

The wrap is finished except for the curbing.

The Hi-landers are a bit different than that they end up with a change of direction in the wrap. That sort of leads to a slight weakness in the roof. So I reinforced it with some sheet metal and SS staples....definitely no weakness now and since the skylight window is somewhat know to a problem for leaks I will be wrapping the framework in door and window flashing tape.

   To finish out the weekend. I got the rest of the VCT laid in the drop down. Aluminum cove and corner trim will be next. Cove trim Corner trim

The "WRAP" is finally going on.

Key sheet with vent opening DONE

Extra curbing at vent so there is no chance of puddling water....."Why not do this originally?" 

I just happen to notice I probably need a bit more reinforcement at this joint.....that should do it...a bit of metal and some stainless staples....DONE

Clear poly going on

I was not 100% sure how this clear polyurethane would change the color of our walls and cabinets. BUT It turned out to be just what I wanted....A nice mahogany richness. I wanted something different than the light birch that is in most.

I will probably sand and do a 3rd coat next weekend.

Welt/gimp is going on.

I was ahead of myself  a bit getting the welt/gimp put on before I put finish on the walls but not a'll work out fine.

First sheet

On goes the first sheet of ceiling board. We are still changing our minds about how to finish the ceiling.....we'll figure it out at some point. More than likely going with tin ceiling....who knows. Plenty of time for decorating ideas.

Shelf bed couch

Things get rolling on the interior structure. Slower going with summer time holiday and vacation...etc BUT it is getting there. No fold down bunk over the back bed now so lets use it for good storage.

Bed platform sounds easy....but when you want to use it for lift up storage it takes a little more thought. 

Really didn't care for the original dinette and wanted some place to sit and relax instead of the bed. So how about a comfy couch......and it can fold out into a small bed if needed for some reason.

Gotta love the curves

The curved wall of the Scotty was always a feature that I liked so naturally it was going back in.

Trailer goodies

A trailer full of trailer goodies.
Siding, one piece roof, "L" edge moulding. Actually a place 30 miles from me. Great price and nice folks to deal with. Vintage Camper Parts
Updated link

Cabinet design

This was a design as I go part of the project. No stove but we did want a microwave and sink.

Other side is refrigerator and AC 

NO That is NOT a window AC unit. It is a Thru-the wall unit....ALL air move out of the back...there are NO side air vents..PLUS there is no drain. It uses the water help cool the condenser.
If by chance it does drain or leak a bit of water. I sealed and coated the shelf and built a slight back slope.....and added a drain tube and hose in corner that will drain to ground.
Replicated the original Scotty cabinet over the sink. I liked the design of it.