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Thanksgiving smorgasbord of work.

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Countertop..Tabletop..and a bit more electrical.

Got the laminate glued on and trimmed

Edge trim installed and sink cut out.

Not an original Scotty light, but it sure seems to fit right in.

A few more lights done.
A little bit RETRO with modern LED

Electrical getting started

Finally got around to the electrical. WFCO WF-8735 Power center. It has the 110v and the 12v converter all in one simple box. I decided to use 12ga stranded THHN wire and conduit instead of household romex. I was going to have some expose runs so I wanted the extra protection.

Just getting the 12v going. Only 2 circuits for now. All lights will be LED so not much power needed for those.

Some interior touches getting started

I have been starting on some of the interior touches.
Cabinets doors turned out to be a pretty good match.
I will be adding more pics after the weekend.

Wrap is finshed. "Dropdown" VCT done

The wrap is finished except for the curbing.

The Hi-landers are a bit different than that they end up with a change of direction in the wrap. That sort of leads to a slight weakness in the roof. So I reinforced it with some sheet metal and SS staples....definitely no weakness now and since the skylight window is somewhat known to be a problem for leaks I will be wrapping the framework in door and window flashing tape.

   To finish out the weekend. I got the rest of the VCT laid in the drop down. Aluminum cove and corner trim will be next. Cove trim Corner trim

The "WRAP" is finally going on.

Key sheet with vent opening DONE

Extra curbing at vent so there is no chance of puddling water....."Why not do this originally?" 

I just happen to notice I probably need a bit more reinforcement at this joint.....that should do it...a bit of metal and some stainless staples....DONE